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10 Summer Wedding Beauty Essentials You Must Have In Your Kit

Tatiana Dias
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10 Summer Wedding Beauty Essentials You Must Have In Your Kit
10 Summer Wedding Beauty Essentials You Must Have In Your Kit

The perfectly lit ambience, the natural golden hour glow—the season surely adds a vibrant element to the wedding festivities. In India, however, summers aren’t always welcomed with open arms. The season brings along its fair share of scorching temperatures and unbearable humidity (for most parts of the country at least), which means summer weddings needed to be treaded through thoughtfully. Considering Indian weddings span across a minimum of two days, escaping that the heat isn’t an option—but it can be anticipated. Here are 10 summer wedding beauty essentials one must have to maintain that glow without it melting, cracking, or running away!

#1: An Allantoin-Based Face Wash

Start by opting for an allantoin-based cleanser, as part of your skincare routine leading up to the big day. Allatoin helps soothe, calm, and cool down irritation and inflammation, and leaves the skin feeling moisturised and nourished. It doesn’t strip the skin off its natural oils and aids in maintaining its natural pH balance. This also allows for smoother application of your base, i.e. foundation or concealer.

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Plum 1% Oat & Allantoin Deep Nourish Face Wash

#2: Niacinamide Serum Or Moisturiser

Another important summer skincare essential is to include nicianiamide in your routine. The sweltering heat and humidity can often trigger your sebaceous glands and sweat glands to go into overdrive resulting in unnecessary oiliness and greasiness. Using a niancimaide serum or a niacinamide-based moisturiser, will help keep the oil levels in control and prevent excess shine.  

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M.A.C Mini Hyper Real Serumizer

#3: A Mattifying Setting Powder

One of the biggest wedding makeup essentials for any bride is a good setting powder. Look for a powder that helps blot down the oil, reduce the appearance of pores, decrease shininess, while leaving you with a natural and flawless finish that lasts all through your wear. You can either opt for a translucent powder or a loose powder in your skin tone—we do, however, recommend to keep your setting powder handy in your emergency bridal kit for those emergency touch ups.

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Laura Mercier Setting Powder

#4: A Lightweight Sunscreen

Invest in a good water-based sunscreen that will not only protect your skin, but will also sit well under your makeup. Look for a formula that doesn’t leave a white-cast and won’t pill when foundation is applied—we recommend testing out the sunscreen, along with your makeup when doing your look trials to see how it fairs under all kinds of lighting.  

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Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++

#5: A Matte Primer

Everyone loves that dewy glow, however, during summers the weather brings that element naturally. That is why, we recommend using a matte primer under your base to prevent excess shine. If you’ve got enlarged pores or oily skin, especially, a matte primer will help smoothen your skin and will also keep your makeup intact for a longer period of time.

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Smashbox The Original Photo Finish Smooth & Blur Foundation Primer with Vitamin A & E

#6: Eyeshadow Primer

If you’re looking for longevity, especially when the possibility of your eye makeup melting away with the heat is really high, then we suggest investing in a good eyeshadow primer. An eye primer not only creates a seamless base for products like eyeliner or eyeshadow, but also prevents the formula from breaking down, creasing, or washing away. This is definitely a summer wedding beauty essential for every bride.

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PAC Eyeshadow Primer

#7: Setting Spray

Want your makeup to stay put? A setting spray will do the job for you. The heat and humidity can often result in sweaty and oily skin, which means that no matter how water-resistant your makeup is, it’ll eventually start to give up. A setting spray essentially keeps the makeup in place and doesn’t allow it to budge for hours at end. Remember to keep this one in your emergency kit too—it’s a great way to refresh your skin and makeup through the ceremonies.

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M.A.C Fix+ Stay Over Mini Setting Spray - Clear

#8: Waterproof Mascara

Invest in a good waterproof mascara that won’t play runaway bride during the ceremonies—come rain, shine, sweat, or tears. Opt for a mascara that helps lengthen, curl, and volumise your lashes, giving you that false lash effect without the falsies. A waterproof formula will ensure that those lashes stay upright without leaving you with raccoon eyes for the rest of the day.

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Lancome Lash Idole Waterproof Mascara - Black

#9: Brow Pomade

Eyebrow pencils are great for daily wear, but when you’re going down the bridal beauty essential route, you need to call in the big guns. Add a brow pomade to your beauty kit—the waxy formula not only allows for precise application, but can also last through a storm and makes for the perfect eyebrow product, especially for a summer wedding.  

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade

#10: Sunscreen Stick

Bonus: Indian weddings can go on for hours, which means your sunscreen will stop doing its job mid ceremony unless reapplied. Hence, we suggest keeping a sunscreen stick handy, so that you can top up your sun protection without having to worry about re-applying your makeup. While this may seem unnecessary, a sunscreen stick is one of the most important summer wedding beauty essentials to have in your kit.

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