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2024 brides, bookmark these wedding makeup tips
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2024 brides, bookmark these wedding makeup tips

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2024 brides, bookmark these wedding makeup tips

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. If you’re getting married soon (or your bestie is!), chances are, you’ve already been planning your outfit, hair and makeup for a while now. Whether you’re going for the minimal, no-makeup makeup look, or picking an all-out, bold bridal look, there are some important tips to keep in mind for your big day. Below, find the most helpful makeup tips to keep in mind (plus common mistakes to avoid) to look flawless on your wedding day, and in every single picture too!

Don’t skip a makeup trialIf you’re hiring a professional to do your makeup for the big day, ensure that you book a trial makeup session with them a few days before the wedding. This will help your makeup artist understand your face, skin type and overall preferences and help them get on the same page with you about your final look. It also allows for any adjustments or fine tuning that needs to be made before the final event.

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Avoid overdoing trendsIt can be great to try a look that’s current, fresh and modern, but remember that your wedding photos are timeless, so steer clear of any fads or niche trends that may start to feel dated a few years down the line. Instead, stick to classic, timeless styles (like a red lip, a smokey eye or a glowy, neutral palette) that’ll still look gorgeous in your pictures, even after decades!

Don’t forget skincareGreat skin lays the much-needed foundation for a stunning makeup look. If your skin isn’t well hydrated and nourished on your big day, chances are, makeup application can end up looking botchy or uneven, even when done by highly-skilled artists. Ensure that you’re taking good care of your skin in the months leading up to your big day, and hydrating and exfoliating regularly for a smooth, glowing base.  

Keep your personal style intact!While bridal looks can get somewhat repetitive, it’s important not to forget your personal style and preference when it comes to choosing your final look. It’s important to be comfortable in your own skin, especially on your big day. Make sure you communicate your needs clearly to your makeup artist, from how heavy you want your look to be, to the finish and colours you prefer to avoid any mishaps.

Adjust your look for photography lightingPhotographs are a major part of every wedding, and makeup can show up differently under the spotlight.  It’s important to ensure that your makeup does not look too harsh or too dull under photography lighting. Choose base products that are flash-friendly if possible and check your makeup under different light conditions before the event.

Keep the weather in mindThis is especially important if you’re having an outdoor or destination wedding, but weather plays an important role in how your makeup performs and lasts through the event. For drier weather, it might be wise to go for a hydrating, dewy look, whereas for an outdoor day wedding, sweatproof makeup is non-negotiable.  

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