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24 beauty and wellness practices we’re bringing into 2024

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24 beauty and wellness practices we’re bringing into 2024
24 beauty and wellness practices we’re bringing into 2024

We hear the ‘‘new year, new me’’ resolutions every year. While the promises may or may not be followed through, it does motivate one to begin the year on a healthier, more positive note. And we couldn't agree more. So, as we usher in 2024, it’s time to set intentions and embrace habits that nourish both the body and mind. Considering how this could mean different things to different people, we at Tira HQ thought it a fun idea to consult our in-house beauty experts to know more about the practices they plan on maintaining in 2024. Here’s what they said.

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Anubhuti Arya

To double cleanse, religiously. While I’ve tried it on-and-off before, being consistent with a double cleansing routine makes a world of difference to your skin health.

More movement. Sweating it out is probably the easiest way to flush out the toxins from your body, get your skin glowing naturally and feel more energetic.

Go heat free. Damaged strands grow slower and break faster, which is why I am aiming to reduce the use of heat on my hair to a minimum for 2024.

Wear protective hairstyles. Leaving hair open all day everyday can be super damaging for long hair. Protective hairstyles like braids can keep the frizz and breakage away.

Ice my face. Apart from reducing puffiness and boosting glow, this practice is also known to help reduce cortisol levels, especially in the AM.

Digital detox. This year, I really want to take little digital detox breaks when I can minimize screen time, practice mindfulness and get more in tune with my mind and body.

Devika Jamdar

Integrate stretching into my regimen. My trainers at the gym emphasize its underrated benefits. Even on rest days, a brief stretching session is touted as incredibly beneficial. I want to embrace the practice—it's a game-changer for flexibility, injury prevention, and muscle recovery.

Retinol + sunscreen. This combination saved my skin this year and I'm going to continue with it. My dermatologist is on board!

Experiment with colour in my makeup (nails and lips, especially). I’m usually a play-it-safe-nudes type of person but this year I want to see what else makes me feel like myself.

Focus on bringing down my cortisol levels. I'm going to try and investigate cortisol spikes, because it can affect the body at so many levels; including how well you sleep, how your skin looks and overall health.

Dry brushing, a practice I've experimented with periodically, comes with noticeable advantages. It exfoliates the skin, promotes blood circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic system, leaving you with a smoother complexion and a revitalized, radiant glow.

Nidhishree Singh

Incorporate fibre-rich foods and green vegetables in my diet to boost my gut health and get hormone issues under control.

Prioritise chemical exfoliation to unclog pores and promote collagen production.

Reduce caffeine intake and get my sleep cycle back on track. Reducing caffeine intake can lead to improved sleep quality, increased energy levels, and a more stabilized mood, promoting overall well-being and reducing the risk of caffeine-related side effects such as jitteriness and anxiety.

Consistently use cuticle oil to prevent and repair wear and tear caused by daily activities and frequent gel nail appointments.

Practice eye exercises to relax my eye muscles as I spend a lot of time reading and in front of the screen.

Read more Japanese novels because they never fail to make me happy, and doing more of what makes you happy is my mojo for 2024.

Tarini Sood

I tend to get quite cranky when I haven’t slept well. So, in 2024, I really want to make sure I get my 8 hours of beauty sleep every night.

Start and keep up a regular exercise/movement routine—whether that’s yoga, pilates or even a quick run on the treadmill.

I do love my chocolates but 2024 is the year I bring my sugar cravings under control.

I want to start doing a deep conditioning/ hair oiling ritual atleast once a week.

Limit my screen time. I’m in front of the computer screen from 9am to 6pm, but in 2024, I hope to find a way to reduce my screen exposure, even if that means limiting the Instagram doomscrolling.

Paint my nails more often! I love having colourful tips but somehow find it super tedious to sit through manicures. In the new year, I hope to immerse myself in the trendy nail culture more often.  

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