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7 ways to get rid of split ends without trimming your hair

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7 ways to get rid of split ends without trimming your hair
7 ways to get rid of split ends without trimming your hair

If there’s one thing that comes in the way of achieving long, healthy hair, it’s the pesky split ends. A common problem that most of us face, split ends often occur due to factors like over-brushing, excessive heat styling, chemical treatments and insufficient moisture. While trimming your hair seems like the sure-shot way to avoid the issue, what if we told you there’s a better way to fix split ends, that doesn't involve shortening the length?

Ultimately, it all comes down to appropriate haircare. Haircare tips for split ends usually involve using nourishing hair products and indulging in practices that give your tresses the love and attention they deserve.

1. Avoid picking at them

Picking split ends can have an adverse effect on the health of your locks. Splitting them further apart leads to friction and causes more damage to the strands. This leads to an increase in split ends and hinders the healthy growth of the hair.

2. Oil Treatment

Regular use of natural oils such as argan oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil can help seal the cuticles and reduce the appearance of split ends. This will not only fix split ends, but also help improve the overall health of your hair.

3. Deep conditioning

Hydrating and moisturising hair care products, like conditioners can help you revive your hair and give it some much-needed nourishment. Conditioners also help soothe your hair, further improving its appearance. You can also opt for leave-in conditioners for more long-term effects.

4. Avoid heat styling

This is one of the most important haircare tips for split ends. Heat styling with curlers and dryers can add to the damage and dry up the natural oils in your hair. While it can seem impossible to avoid heat styling, reducing it or working around it by using heat protectants or styling tools at a lower setting can bring significant change.

5. Hair Masks

A hair mask is one of the most important hair products for split ends. Consistent use of hair masks repairs damaged cuticles, strengthens strands and infuses essential nutrients in your hair. Going for products like this can restore and revitalise your strands and make them look soft and shiny.

6. Hair brushing

Gentle hair brushing is easily among the most essential haircare tips for split ends. While brushing out tangles is an important part of any routine, it’s equally important to be gentle to prevent breakage. Brushing your hair aggressively can add to the friction and increase the chances of split ends. Using a wide-toothed hairbrush to detangle can help you with this.

7. Lifestyle choices

Apart from all the haircare products and conditioning practices, it’s also important to focus on your lifestyle choices. Whether it’s staying hydrated or ensuring a sufficient intake of nutrients throughout the day, small steps can help you do away with such problems.

Ready to do away with your split ends at home? Here are some of the products that can help:

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