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A guy’s guide to No Shave November beard grooming
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A guy’s guide to No Shave November beard grooming

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A guy’s guide to No Shave November beard grooming

No Shave November is here, and it is time to let your beards grow in all their glory. While you don’t need to get a close shave for a month now, you should take out time to take care of your beard to ensure that it’s healthy and doesn’t lack lustre while growing.

Since you plan to grow out your beard, maintenance becomes crucial for healthy growth, irrespective of the volume and type of beard you have. Here are a few beard maintenance tips to keep in mind, this No Shave November.

1. To achieve a healthy beard, cleansing is a crucial step. Invest in a high-quality beard wash or cleanser to effectively remove dust and product build-up. Be mindful of your skin type while choosing your beard cleanser. The frequency of washing also depends on your skin type. If you have oily skin, you may want to wash your beard 2-3 times a week. Conversely, if you have dry skin, you can reduce the washing frequency.

Tira recommends:

Screen For Man Beard Shampoo

Uncle Tony Beard Wash Gel

2. Moisturising your beard is essential for maintaining its health. The skin beneath your beard can become itchy and flaky, therefore, opt for a beard wax, gel, oil or conditioner to provide a boost of hydration and prevent dryness or roughness. Also, since winter is here, an extra dose of moisture is always a good idea.

Tira recommends:

Tabac Original Beard Oil

Machismo Styling & Nourishing Beard Butter

3. We all know it’s No Shave November, but a little trimming and pruning won’t hurt. If you have a long beard, consider trimming any split ends and giving it a proper shape to enhance its appearance. Invest in high-quality beard care tools to achieve your desired look. Additionally, make sure to clean your tools regularly to avoid any infections or rashes in the future.

4. Your beard maintenance doesn’t end here, styling and accessorising can help you look and feel well-groomed. Use a high-grade styling gel or pomade to set your beard in place and make your festive looks scream #BeardGoals.

Tira recommends:

Beardo Mustache & Beard Wax Extra Strong

5. Sparse beards are often overlooked during No Shave November. If you have hopped aboard the No Shave Bandwagon but struggle with patchy beard growth, using a beard growth serum can help. If you want an immediate solution, consider filling in the gaps with a brow gel for a fuller appearance.  

Tira recommends:

Thriveco Beard Growth Serum

Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow 3 Day Styling Brow Gel - Deep Brown

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