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Flat, greasy hair? A guide to bouncy volume

Anubhuti Arya
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Flat, greasy hair? A guide to bouncy volume
Flat, greasy hair? A guide to bouncy volume

If you have straight, fine hair, you’ve most likely struggled with your hair feeling ‘flat’ or ‘greasy’ at some point. While mostly tangle-free and easy to manage, this hair type does have some challenges when it comes to boosting volume or holding curls. Hot, humid weather only exacerbates this issue by making your scalp sweaty and oily, leading to limp hair. Regular use of styling products can also cause product build-up on your scalp, clogging pores and making it greasier.

If a fresh scalp and hydrated, bouncy hair are on your wish list this summer, here are our best haircare and styling tips to help you out.

Your scalp needs exfoliation too

First things first, identify the root cause of your concern. Does your scalp start feeling greasy and oily within a few hours of washing? Does it feel itchy and irritated? Does your hair feel coarse and weighed down? Chances are, your scalp and roots have some product build-up that’s clogging the pores. Regular or even excessive use of styling products can lead to this, which ultimately needs to be exfoliated to allow your scalp to breathe again. Apply an exfoliating scalp scrub every 15-30 days to deeply cleanse and keep it fresh and oil-free. Follow up with your shampoo and conditioner as per usual.

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Opt for volumising everything

After ensuring that your scalp is healthy and free from any build-up, it always helps to go for a volumising shampoo and conditioner duo that gives your hair that extra boost of volume. These are specially formulated to provide hydration to your mane, without weighing it down. And remember, never apply conditioner on your scalp—just apply it evenly on the ends and scrunch to ensure they air dry to bouncy, weightless, yet hydrated tresses.

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Don’t shy away from mousse

Gone are the days when mousses could make your hair feel stiff or coarse. Modern-day iterations of this popular styling must-have are lighter, more efficient and can still leave your hair feeling soft, hydrated and volumised. A total win-win. Apply a volumising mousse when your hair is still wet. Be careful not to apply too much—a coin-sized dollop is enough. Then, blow dry to activate the product and achieve lasting volume and bounce.

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Dry shampoo is your BFF

We get it, you don’t always have the time to wash and style your hair right before an important dinner or meeting—which is when a dry shampoo can really come to your rescue. A dry shampoo works by absorbing the excess sebum on your scalp to instantly revive your roots and give you fresher-looking hair, minus any washing. Section your strands and spray a few spritzes onto your scalp, focusing on areas that get especially greasy. Leave it in for three to five minutes and massage it in to allow it to absorb the excess grime. Simply brush it out to get rid of any white cast and you’re good to go.

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Style smart

While styling doesn’t actually boost the volume of your hair, it can go a long way into making your hair appear fuller, denser and bouncier if you’re headed out. To achieve instant volume at your crown, section some of the hair, tease it backward with a fine-toothed comb and cover it with an unteased section of hair. Adding micro highlights or balayage can also add permanent movement and depth to your hair.

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