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Haircare 101: Pocket-friendly picks for your mane
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Hair Care
Haircare 101: Pocket-friendly picks for your mane

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Haircare 101: Pocket-friendly picks for your mane

Your hair is your crowning glory and therefore it is super important to prioritise its health and lustre. Irrespective of your hair length and type, it is a good idea to invest in a haircare routine keeping in mind your hair needs and goals. Once you know what works for you, you can further plan the frequency of usage according to your daily, weekly and monthly needs. For a smooth sailing haircare journey, we’ve picked out hair products for you that are both effective and pocket-friendly too. Here’s all you need to know.

1. Champi oil

A hot oil massage is ideal for hair that’s subjected to regular heat styling and environmental stressors. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to your regular massage oil to enhance your champi routine. Coconut and almond oils are fan favourites and deserve a spot in your kit too. They will supply nutrition, improve blood circulation and provide extra nourishment to your hair follicles.

Tira recommends:  

TNW The Natural Wash Cold Pressed Virgin Almond Oil

Soulflower Coldpressed Coconut Carrier Oil

2. A hair scrub

There’s a possibility that excess scalp build-up is preventing you from achieving your hair goals. Scalp build-up is caused because of accumulation of dirt, product residue and excess oil. Exfoliating your scalp helps in unclogging hair follicles and boosts circulation.

Tira recommends:  

Bare Anatomy Cleansing Scalp Scrub

Alan Truman Super-Soft Shampoo & Scalp Massage Brush

3. Cleansing shampoo

We are all well-versed in this area of haircare. Shampoos are essential cleansing agents for your hair and scalp. You can opt for one that suits your hair type and texture. Also, to avoid excess scalp build-up, using a clarifying shampoo fortnightly will help.

Tira recommends:  

L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Absolut Repair Shampoo

Love Beauty & Planet Onion Blackseed & Patchouli Hairfall Control Shampoo

4. Essential conditioners

Now, that hair and scalp cleansing is done, it is time to restore the moisture with some TLC and conditioner. Conditioners restore hydration and make your hair softer andtangle free. If your strands get easily knotted, you can use a detangling leave-in conditioner after your wash for smoother, more manageable hair.

Tira recommends:  

L'Oreal Paris Hyaluron Moisture 72H Moisture Sealing Conditioner

Re'equil Babassu AntiFrizz And Smoothening Hair Conditioner

5. Hair masks

Hair masks pack a punch in terms of moisture and are often used once or twice a week to revive the locks. They can also help you in targeting concerns like dandruff, dullness and hair fall. If you have fine hair, you can alternately switch between conditioner and hair mask for extra nourishment.

Tira recommends:  

mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp Scrub for Dandruff Control & Scalp Exfoliation

Pilgrim Argan Oil Hair Mask With White Lotus & Camellia

6. Leave-in treatments and serums

Don’t underestimate the post-wash rituals. Whether you let your hair air dry or opt for heat styling, you need a post-wash care routine to make sure you minimise any damage. Use a heat protectant before heat styling your hair. A hair serum to keep frizz at bay or a leave-in conditioner to style, plop and enhance your curls is also necessary to define your mane.

Tira recommends:  

Arata Advanced Curl Care Hair Cream

Streax Professional Vitarich Gloss Hair Serum

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