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Haircare for men: How to build an anti-dandruff routine
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Hair Care
Haircare for men: How to build an anti-dandruff haircare routine

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Haircare for men: How to build an anti-dandruff haircare routine

Dandruff is one of the most common hair concerns but can be tricky to treat. There are a lot of factors that cause dandruff, such as excess sebum production, over-shampooing, lack of scalp hygiene, fungal infestation and more. Since men are more susceptible to dandruff as compared to women, here are haircare tips for them to keep dandruff at bay.

1. The primary step of our haircare routine is cleansing and conditioning. Thus, investing in an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner will be your first step. Figure out a hair wash frequency that suits your hair type, so that you don’t end up over-shampooing. Look out for ingredients that have anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

Tira recommends:

Dove Dandruff Clean & Fresh Shampoo

Biolage Scalppure Conditioner

2. Incorporate essential oils such as tea tree, lavender and rosemary oil in your haircare routine, and give yourself a relaxing champi once or twice a week to target dandruff. Keep in mind to mix essential oils with a carrier oil and not directly apply it to your skin or hair.

Tira recommends:

Kama Ayurveda Tea Tree Essential Oil

Skivia Rosemary Essential Oil

Ras Luxury Oils Kashmir Lavender Pure Essential Oil

3. Hair masks once a week give added nourishment and help your hair cope with pollution and other environmental stressors. If you have been over-washing your hair, which can lead to a dry scalp, a hydrating hair mask helps in rebalancing your scalp environment. Also, a hair mask that specifically targets dandruff is a must in your routine.

Tira recommends:

mCaffeine Naked & Raw Cappuccino Coffee Hair Mask

4. Just like your skin, your scalp needs exfoliation from time to time to get rid of excess product build-up. This build-up can be caused by dry shampoo residue, oil and dirt and pollution. A scalp scrub is needed to unclog hair follicles and get rid of the build-up to avoid flakes and itchiness.

Tira recommends:

Plum Tea Tree Build-up Control Scalp Scrub

5. If you have an oily scalp or have noticed an increase in sebum production because of changing weather or over shampooing, then a post wash scalp serum can help. Applying a few drops to your scalp can control excess oil production and boost hydration.

Tira recommends:

Minimalist Oil Control Hair Serum Scalp Post Shampoo Treatment with Vitamin B6 + Carnitine 3%

6. Certain lifestyle factors also contribute to dandruff, thus changes like finding better ways to manage stress and eating a diet rich in vitamin B and zinc helps in combating dandruff.

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