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Makeup and skincare essentials to stock up on this winter
Tarini Sood
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Tira Loves: Our picks
Makeup and skincare essentials to stock up on this winter

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Makeup and skincare essentials to stock up on this winter

World over, the arrival of winter brings with it the anticipation of exciting year end festivities, delicious seasonal food and cosier wardrobe choices. However, it also ushers in a season that demands extra care for our skin. As temperatures drop and the air becomes drier, our beauty routine requires a nourishing, hydrating update. If you’re struggling to find the right products, here’s a specially curated list of must-have skincare and makeup picks that will keep your skin radiant throughout sweater weather.

Moisturising makeup remover
Begin your winter skincare journey with a makeup cleanser that not only removes impurities but also maintains the skin’s moisture. An excellent option is the Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm by Clinique. With its silky-smooth formula, it gently dissolves sunscreen, stubborn eye and face makeup, and pollution without stripping the skin of its moisture. All you need to do is gently massage the product in with your fingertips and then rinse thoroughly.  

Hydrating cleanser
The All About Clean™ Liquid Facial Soap is a great option for those looking for a non-drying liquid cleanser. The formulation is made to restore moisture to the skin while also breaking down dirt and debris. The best part? The product is available in three variations, to cater to the needs of all skin types. To get best results, lather this between your palms, using lukewarm water and massage over the face and neck for skin that feels refreshed, hydrated and clean.

Nourishing moisturiser
Your winter beauty arsenal is incomplete without a heavy-duty moisturiser. What you need to consider most are the ingredients – they should have soothing properties and provide long lasting moisture. We recommend Clinique’s Moisture Surge™ Intense 72-Hour Lipid Replenishing Hydrator, which is enriched with goodies like calming aloe vera, repairing cica and moisture boosting hyaluronic acid.  The product is known for its ability to keep the skin feeling hydrated for 72 hours, which is perfect for cooler weather. If you’re looking for a lighter formula that also offers sun protection, the NEW Moisture Surge™ SPF 25 Sheer Hydrator is a handy option to have around.

Winter lip care
Our lips tend to bear the brunt of winter's chill, often becoming dry and chapped. To make sure this doesn’t happen, use a nourishing lip balm that provides lasting hydration to keep them soft and smooth. The Moisture Surge™ Lip Hydro-Plump Treatment from Clinique helps seal in the moisture instantly, helping your pout feel plump and soft. It is created with ingredients like shea butter, lipids and ceramides, which leave the skin feeling supple and ready to take on the winter winds.

Moisture enhancing foundation
Up your makeup routine with a dewy foundation that combats the winter dullness. The Even Better Refresh™ Hydrating and Repairing Makeup foundation offers full coverage while keeping the skin moisturised for 24 hours. It is formulated with actives like hyaluronic acid, peptides which reduce any appearance of dry fine lines and promote plump, smooth skin texture. Or, if you prefer a matte finish the NEW Even Better Clinical™ Serum Foundation SPF 20 from Clinique, is infused with brightening vitamin C and gives lasting, skin evening, shine-free finish.

Lipstick for a pop of colour
Power through the change in season with a lip product that brightens your pout while also ensuring that your lips feel hydrated and smooth. A viral sensation on the internet for good reason, the Almost Lipstick by Clinique in the shade Black Honey is the perfect option when you’re looking to combine aesthetics with functionality. Blending hydration with colour, the pigment in the balm like product, merges with your natural lip colour to give the lips a tint that is unique to the user. Innovative, glossy and lightweight, this one is a must-have!

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