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Mane Magic: a Tira guide to styling curly hair for men
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Mane Magic: a Tira guide to styling curly hair for men

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Mane Magic: a Tira guide to styling curly hair for men

Over the years, curls have struggled to get the recognition they deserved—we straightened, flattened, and blow-dried them until they lost their identity, as did the heads that wore them. Thankfully, curly hair has sprung back into our lives, and we’re loving it in all its glory. This newfound love extends its embrace to men’s hair, too–– think Hrithik Roshan, Aditya Roy Kapoor, and Kit Harington. It’s all about the curls these days.

Wearing your curls all bouncy and natural is the ideal scenario. However, managing them can be a tad tricky. One day your mane will obey the rules, and on the next, it’ll be the rebellious child you never asked for. However, with the right hair care and styling, those impulses to just chop it all off will be few and far between.  

Celebrity hairstylist, Humera Shaikh, breaks down the best men’s hairstyles for curly hair, the right hair care products you need to use to maintain the bounce, and so much more.

The Basics of curly hair care for men

When caring for curly hair, there are two things men need to keep in mind: scalp and length. If you face any scalp issues like dandruff or dryness, be sure to choose a men's shampoo that will help treat those conditions thoroughly.  

“Curly hair is more porous in nature than any other texture,” says Shaikh. One of the best ways she recommends prepping curly hair is to use a moisturising, cream-based product in the hair. “This is used to nourish––it is the best way forward for porous hair,” she elaborates.

Tira recommends: True Frog Curl Defining Cream

If you love sporting long hair, then along with a prep cream, Shaikh thinks adding a conditioner in your routine is a must. “Curly hair can also be worn natural, so a prep cream will retain that texture all through the day, with less frizz,” she reveals.

Tira recommends: Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Frizz Sealing Conditioner

The Styling

Curly hair does require a little extra TLC. But, before you go reaching out for the hair dryer to straighten it into oblivion, Shaikh suggests a few quick and easy curly hairstyles to experiment with instead.  

#1: A fade on the sides is the perfect way to bring a bit of an edge to your curls. Scrunch in some cream on the top to give your curls some volume and take away the frizz.  

Tira recommends: Wella Professionals Eimi Boost Bounce Curl Enhancing Mousse

#2: For those with medium-length curls, she recommends using a blow-dry product when drying your hair and then going in with a hair curler to add some extra texture. Spritz on a texturising spray or a regular hairspray to make it hold.

Tira recommends: Wella Professionals Eimi Bold Move Matte Texturizing Paste

#3: For longer hair, try twisting each section of hair in the same or opposite directions before letting it dry. This will help you achieve a more controlled yet natural look. Finish off the look by using a shine hair serum.

Some hair care tips for curly hair
1. Never comb wavy or curly hair when dry. Spend time detangling the hair while it’s still damp.

2. It’s okay to wear your hair naturally! Use a few pumps of a cream-based product scrunched into damp hair and let your hair air dry.

3. Scrunch your hair with the help of a diffuser. With the help of an extra pump of this men's hair product and heat, you can set even the most unruly curls.

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