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Mane-tenance: 4 long hair struggles (and how to fix them)
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Hair Care
Mane-tenance: 4 long hair struggles (and how to fix them)

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Mane-tenance: 4 long hair struggles (and how to fix them)

Tackling knots, tangles, and lackluster locks is a routine challenge for those with medium to long hair—the multitude of articles that surface from a Google search on "long hair problems" speaks volumes about shared struggles involving blow dryers and snapped hair ties. If these scenarios resonate with you, continue reading, as we're delving into the comprehensive realm of long hair maintenance, styling, and care:

Hair fall and breakage

Hair breakage is a common concern for all kinds of hair lengths (stress hair fall, anyone?). However, the issue tends to be more pronounced with longer tresses. The reason behind this is that long hair is more susceptible to being pulled and entangled in brushes due to its length in comparison to shorter hair. Consequently, it becomes more prone to breakage and damage, leading to increased hair fall.

To address this, we recommend incorporating a regular routine of using shampoo and conditioner tailored to your specific hair type. Additionally, if scalp flakiness is an issue, it's crucial to address it promptly with appropriate treatments, as it significantly contributes to hair fall. For individuals with longer hair, periodic protein hair treatments are advisable. These treatments nourish and hydrate the lengthy locks, making them more manageable and preventing excessive brittleness that can result in breakage or hair loss.

Lastly, consider the impact of your sleeping habits on your hair. Opt for soft, silky pillowcases to minimize friction and avoid tugging on your hair. When tying your hair, choose claw clips over hair ties, as the latter can often be too tight, causing damage to the roots.

Frizz, dryness and weather-related troubles

Achieving smooth hair can be a challenge in a hot and humid country, especially when dealing with long hair that requires careful management. Many of us grapple with dry or damaged hair due to factors like pollution, coloring, chemical exposure, and excessive heat styling, resulting in hair that appears bumpy, frizzy, and prone to tangling. However, there are effective steps you can take to combat frizz.

Firstly, plaits serve as saviors for those with long hair. Tying your hair in braids, whether in ponytails or buns, acts as a protective measure, keeping frizz in check. Additionally, we recommend oiling your hair at least once a week to provide essential nourishment, conditioning, and smoothing out any kinks. Always use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair, and consider using high-quality leave-in products to keep it soft and hydrated throughout the day.

Cleansing and conditioning woes

Longer hair is more prone to developing split ends, making it crucial to use protective and moisturizing hair care products to support and maintain its strength. Consider incorporating an anti-breakage shampoo to enhance elasticity and fortify your hair. Additionally, opt for a conditioner specifically designed for long hair to provide hydration, add shine, and protect against damage. For optimal nourishment, especially for those with long hair, make hair masks an essential part of your routine. Investing in a quality hair mask can yield results such as softer and healthier-feeling hair.

Styling challenges

Effective post-wash care is essential for managing long hair. The way you dry your hair significantly influences the way it feels until the next wash. It's recommended to use a quality, creamy, or nourishing detangler, gently work out knots with a wide-tooth comb while your hair is still wet, and apply a combination of oil and cream-based styling lotions to set your hair in place. When styling with heat, using a heat protectant or hair primer can provide a protective shield against damage.

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