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Navya Nanda on all things beauty, self-care and confidence
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Tira Loves: Our picks
Navya Nanda on all things beauty, self-care and confidence

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Navya Nanda on all things beauty, self-care and confidence

Navya Nanda is an open book. Her podcast (What the Hell Navya, along with her mum, Shweta Nanda and grandmother, Jaya Bachchan) is that good because she’s always ready to dive deep. This is especially apparent this season of the podcast—which is presented by Tira!—and includes conversations about mental health, beauty standards, ageing and dealing with failure.

Our interview with her is a candid exploration of beauty, self-care, and confidence—a testament to the power of simplicity, self-acceptance, and the timeless practice of embracing one's unique beauty in an ever-evolving world.  

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Q1: What does beauty mean to people of your generation? What advice do you have to young people about self-care and wellbeing?

A: In our generation, especially, we are so consumed by our lives—work, family, friends, etc.—that we do not give ourselves the time and care we afford other aspects of our lives. It’s crucial to switch off for some time and sit with yourself and your thoughts.

Beauty to me means internal happiness, that has a large part to play in our external self. That’s something I have always practiced.

Q2: How do you stay positive about self-image, and how do you encourage others?

A: We are all different. No two people can ever and will ever look or be the same, and that is what makes each one of us unique and special. I think staying positive is all about understanding and acknowledging that our differences are what make us beautiful. Our flaws make us more human. And what can be more beautiful than being human?

Q3: Who or what inspires your beauty and style?

A: My Nani inspires me. She believes in simplicity and prioritizing comfort, which are values I follow too.

Q4: What is your daily skincare, makeup and haircare routine like?

A: My routine is simple because I’m always rushing to work. Skincare involves washing, moisturizing, and sunblock. Sunscreen is a must—I never skip this step. I love the L'Oreal Glycolic Bright Serum too.

For makeup, I eschew foundation for tinted moisturiser. I love thick lashes, a glossy lip and blush on my cheeks. Hair care is probably what I spend the most time on. I have always been extremely particular about taking care of my hair, something that my mom and Nani have always told me. I oil my hair once a week and post washing, apply my favourite L’oreal Ex Oil Serum – that is one product I have used religiously for so many years and I can see the impact it’s had on my hair.

Q5: Any beauty hacks or tricks you find useful?

A: I've been using Vaseline or castor oil on my eyelashes for years. It keeps them thick and long, and I can actually see the difference.

Q6: How do you use makeup as a form of self-expression and creativity in your life?

A: I’m quite an introvert by nature, so for me self-expression is important. A way I feel I do that is through experimenting with my makeup—it’s something that gives me the confidence I need and allows a more fun and expressive side of myself to come through.

Q7: How has your perception of beauty evolved, and how does it affect your self-confidence?

A: When I was younger, my skin was prone to acne. It takes a toll on your self-confidence because you don’t feel like going out. At that time, I focused so much on how I was looking and what clothes I was wearing. But as I’ve gotten slightly older, it has helped me put things into perspective. I’ve started to redefine beauty as internal, rather than just external. I want to focus more on feeling beautiful inside rather than always focusing on the physicality of it.

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