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The Ayurvedic ingredients that deserve a spot on your skincare shelf
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The Ayurvedic ingredients that deserve a spot on your skincare shelf

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The Ayurvedic ingredients that deserve a spot on your skincare shelf

Sign us up for the paradigm shift in beauty that’s happening lately with the landscape evolving into this sanctuary of self-love and wellbeing. Good health is going gut deep, and now more than ever, the holistic mindset is gracefully making its way into mainstream beauty practices.

Ayurveda is one of them: an ancient and profound healing science that goes more than skin-deep, emphasizing total vitality, cellular wisdom, and balance in the pursuit of beauty. Tapping into the skincare sphere, ayurveda takes its place alongside regimens like K-beauty, with a host of high-quality products and formulations based on active botanicals and herbal ingredients. Backed by science in a modern-day avatar - think Doctor Feelgood with a degree in skin science. Ayurveda philosophy is based on the practice of harmo nizing one’s doshas – the elemental forces believed to govern our constitution – and its beauty rituals can heal, restore, and make you glow.  

Allow its benefits and offerings to elevate your daily routine with these skin-loving ingredients:

Gotu kola

This little green gem is a powerhouse of skin-loving benefits. Packed with antioxidants, it is like a daily dose of protection for the skin, warding off free-radicals, and working on fine lines and uneven skin tones to give you a natural glow that boasts, "I woke up like this”. We recommend giving Mamaearth Vitamin C Oil-Free Moisturizer With Vitamin C & Gotu Kola For Skin Illumination a try.


A real super-ingredient (high-fives if you’ve been sneaking some into your smoothies), Moringa is a little bit of an unsung hero in skincare. It has real fortification benefits, Moringa when used raw and wild in serums, oils and lotions can supercharge your skin, unclogging pores, softening and protecting it. Try Dr. Sheth's Moringa & Vitamin C Cleansing Oil when you’re removing your makeup or add a few drops of Ras Luxury Oils Moringa Pure Plant Oil into your daily routine.


Promising a complexion that radiates inner-glow, kumkumadi is the very luxurious ayurvedic concoction –a blend of saffron, manjistha, lotus, licorice, sandalwood, turmeric, vetiver and almond. These botanicals work in harmony to rejuvenate the skin, address pigmentation issues, and improve suppleness in the skin – giving it that bounce. Need we say more? Our only tip: do check the specific ingredients in the kumkumadi product you choose, as formulations may vary among brands. We love the Soulflower Kumkumadi Night Beauty Elixir Oil that can brighten your skin and are also partial to Kama Ayurveda’s Kumkumadi Brightening Bi-Phase Essence – a skin essence that is made to brighten dull skin and act as an emollient.


This ancient herb is an adaptogen and finds its use widely as a stressbuster, capable of restoring Zen-like tranquility to your life. A lot can be gained from taking it as an oral supplement daily, but even as far as your skin goes it can help against inflammation, aging, dark spots and oxidation. Purna Gummies Ashwagandha Gummies For Decreased Stress Levels are a daily supplement you can take, while the Sadhev Ayurvedic Hydrating Body Wash With Ashwagandha is made to protect the skin’s barrier and hydrate it intensely.


You may already know by now – turmeric is the hero of all ingredients for its combined antibacterial and luminosity-generating properties. There must be a good reason why it is slathered on our bodies as a wedding ritual, used in so many of our food recipes and applied to the occasional scrape! This sunny spice can give your skin its (literal) golden benefits. Use it in a detoxing mask like Kora Organics 2-In-1 Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask or let it give you some much needed sun protection, in Forest Essentials Turmeric & Basil Leaf Sun Fluid Tender Coconut Water with SPF 50 PA.


Acne-fighting, purifying and moisturising, neem is as good as they come. The plant is so full of beneficial properties that almost every part of it finds some use in Ayurveda. We’d add Juicy Chemistry Hemp Tea Tree & Neem Organic Face Washto our carts, for its impressive ingredients list and pretty packaging, and would also reach, this season, for Globus Naturals Cream For Dry Cracked Heels & Feet Enriched With Aloe Vera, Neem & Anantmool. Looking for sleek, healthy untangled locks? Try a neem-wood comb – like The Natural Wash Neem Wood Hair Comb. Or add Neem to your hair oiling ritual with Kama Ayurveda Organic Neem Oil.

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