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V-Day nail ideas you won’t mind wearing all month long
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V-Day nail ideas you won’t mind wearing all month long

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V-Day nail ideas you won’t mind wearing all month long

There are few ways to truly get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day than to give your manicure a festive upgrade. With love swirling everywhere in the air, getting your nails ready for V-day means looking beyond conventional airbrushed hearts and all-red-everything hues. Instead, allow your imagination to be held captive with modern makeovers of conventional trends. Whether you are planning date night with your SO or looking to celebrate the spirit of girlhood for Galentine’s, get ready to douse your nails in bubblegum pinks, minimalist motifs and more. There’s truly something for everyone here in our round-up of the best Valentine’s day nail ideas.

Monochrome magic

Who says that red has all the monopoly over V-day? For those looking for a subversive take on Valentine nail trends, this monochromatic take on heart nail designs is one that Wednesday Addams would never be able to resist.

Keep it French

If you always turn to the classic French manicure when in doubt, the easiest way to give your nails an upgrade for V-day is to swap the pearly whites for a dash of scarlet across your tips before date night.

Siren song

Bolder is always better when it comes to Valentine’s Day nails and those who aren’t afraid to make heads turn their way will find that teaming scarlet hues with noir is a showstopper combination that will fetch compliments wherever you go.

Minimalist manifesto

Perhaps you like to keep things understated when it comes to nail art design? If yes, look no further than this minimalist upgrade to classic nude nails that you can easily carry from the desk to date night with your special someone.

Bow down

What do you get when you mix the most on-trend motif of the season with the flaming colour of passion? A Valentine nail art idea that will cross off multiple boxes at once—get ready to bat your lashes and live the coquette core life.

Going for gold

If you aren’t quite ready for loud-and-proud metallics, fret not for there are endless options to be explored. Befriend the trend with a smattering of gold foil in abstract shapes that lends a delicate edge to this all-eyes-on-me hue.

Floral bouquet

Whether you have a queue outside the door with fresh blooms in hand or Miley Cyrus has convinced you to buy yourself flowers, the easiest way to get into the spirit of the season is with a minimalist hand-painted bouquet on your nails.

Confetti calling

Simple can be sweet, as proved by this minimalist mani championing Cupid-approved candy hues while leveraging the use of negative space—sit back and allow your nails to do all the flirting. Consider this the easiest route to nailing the memo on simple Valentine’s nails.

Say it with a scrapbook

Doodles and graffiti leap from the pages of your schoolbook to find expression on this Valentine-ready take on notebook nails. Laid against the soft bed canvas of nude pink, the playful phrases will let that special someone know what you have in mind.


If you like to bet big on classics, there is no going wrong with a head-turning set of glitter nails. Opt for the romantic hues of blush pink topped off with metallic specks that will surely catch Cupid’s eye.

Ready to get started? Here are all the must-have nail polish colours that will help you create your own masterpiece:  

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