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Winter beard care 101: Tips to maintain a healthy beard
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Beard Care
Winter beard care 101: Tips to maintain a healthy beard

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Winter beard care 101: Tips to maintain a healthy beard

An upgraded winter care routine does not only extend to the hair on your head, but also facial hair. If you’re someone who has a beard or is growing one out, you need a dedicated maintenance and grooming routine. Cooler temperatures tend to zap the moisture content out of the air, which can make our hair brittle and the skin feel tighter. Because of this, it becomes essential to rehydrate both using nourishing products with richer formulations that boost hydration. To make your beard care journey easy, here are some tips we’ve put together.

1. Beard care vs hair care

We often think haircare products are suitable to use for beards too. But this is untrue, your beard is thicker and coarser than the hair on your head and so needs more targeted care. Consider a beard shampoo for cleansing. Secondly, your facial skin is more sensitive than your scalp, so the formulas that might be work on your scalp can be harsh for your face and might lead to breakouts and a rough beard.

Tira recommends: Screen For Man Beard Shampoo

2. Beard oils to the rescue

The effect of lack of moisture in the air during winter can be seen on our skin, hair and beard. Your beard lacks shine and tends to get rough and brittle. To combat these issues, investing in beard oil is the way to go as it will restore moisture, adding shine and moisturisation to it.

Tira recommends: Mancode Cedar Wood & Rose Mary Beard Oil

3. Timely trimming

Whether you plan to grow your beard or keep its length, it is important to trim it at frequent intervals. This helps to get rid of split ends which not only paves the way for healthier growth but also gives your beard a proper shape too.

Tira recommends: GUBB Grooming Scissor

4. Boost your blood circulation

A relaxing massage is great for healthy beard hair growth. Regularly massaging your face boosts blood circulation and enhances the hair quality and growth. Also, combing your beard helps in evenly distributing the natural oils through the lengths, giving it extra nourishment.

Tira recommends: Beardo Compact Beard Wooden Comb

5. Follow a healthy diet

To maintain a healthy beard, a balanced diet is of utmost importance. Taking care of your gut health and keeping your hormonal levels in check improves the quality and thickness of your beard. If you are aiming for a fuller beard, maybe it's time to start eating healthy.

6. Extra TLC for your beard

Indulging in a beard spa fortnightly is a great way to stimulate growth and soften the hair. You can either go to a salon for your this or try a DIY treatment. All you need is a beard grooming kit. Start by applying oil to soften the follicles and follow it up with some steam to open the pores. Then, cleanse your beard while massaging it in a circular motion and end the spa with a growth-stimulating serum.

Tira recommends: Beardo Don Beardo's Beard Growth Pro Kit

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