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Yes, men also need to use conditioner—here’s why
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Yes, men also need to use conditioner—here’s why

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Yes, men also need to use conditioner—here’s why

Haven’t we all seen those memes where a girlfriend shows her side of the dresser versus her boyfriend’s? There’s a huge, huge gap between the number of products — a cleanser, deodorant and moisturiser round off the boy’s collection. However, contrary to the conventional notion that all men need is a 2-in-1 shampoo and cleanser, men must consciously curate a beauty regime that addresses their needs. As step one, let’s bust a common myth for you: men also need hair conditioner. One can imagine why men brush off conditioner as an insignificant product, with hair just about a few inches long. However, here’s the deal — a conditioner can do men’s hair more good than a shampoo. Wondering how and why? Scroll down.

Understanding conditioner’s worth

A conditioner, or hair mask — an upgraded rendition of conditioners, should be a non-negotiable staple in your hair care regime for multiple reasons. Unlike what many people think, hair conditioner isn’t a fancy gimmicky product; from maintaining your mane’s moisture levels to ensuring bond and cuticle health, a conditioner can do a lot for the hair within just a couple of minutes. Conditioner is also great for adding a healthy sheen to the hair shaft. Always remember to use it after using shampoo. You will usually spot nourishment-boosting ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, keratin, and many other lipids, vitamins, proteins and emollients to keep the hair soft and hydrated.

Do men need to use conditioner? (YES)

First things first: if you have hair, you should use a conditioner. This is because any shampoo, no matter how hydrating, can make your hair susceptible to dryness, and thereby breakage, once they [hair] dry out. Considering how hair loss is a common concern, getting consistent with a product like conditioner, which works upon bond fortification and hair smoothness, is a wise preventive measure to take. Using a conditioner can help men irrespective of their hair type and texture — while curls remain nourished and retain their shape, normal hair remains stronger and healthier. As a result, you not only cop damage-free strands but promote the overall health of your mane.  

Pro tips:

  • Make the effort to identify your hair type before investing in a conditioner. This way, you save time, money and effort.
  • Explore different kinds of conditioners; if a wash-off conditioner is not something you prefer, try using leave-in conditioners that are available in gel, cream, serum and spray formats
  • Read the ingredients. Make sure the formula comprises one solid hydrator. Some common ones are jojoba oil, argan oil, shea butter, quinoa, keratin and vitamin E
  • Pick only-conditioner days to render an extra boost of nourishment to your strands. The hair might not need cleansing every day, but it could certainly benefit from daily moisturisation.

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