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Your 3-point guide to reversing years of hair damage at home

Megha Sharma
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Hair Care
Your 3-point guide to reversing years of hair damage at home
Your 3-point guide to reversing years of hair damage at home

Everything from your work routine and diet to your sleeping pattern and go-to haircare products, impacts the quality of your hair. Every so often, we see people around us experience hair breakage, split ends, frizzy hair, dandruff and scalp issues that could easily be alleviated with the know-how to identify and prevent the stressors. For instance, there are two ways we can face hair damage and plotting our concerns under those brackets could help us work on them better. While surface damage causes breakage, dullness, split ends and can be repaired with nutrition, molecular damage leads to lack of elasticity, uneven thickness, hair loss and can only be repaired with strength and treatment. L’Oreal Professionnel’s Absolut Repair Molecular range, hence, targets the latter.

As the name suggests, it works at the molecular level and rebuilds structure—apart from restoring strength and elasticity. If getting stronger, healthy-looking, voluminous hair is on your wishlist this year, the brand offers an in-salon treatment as well as products that you can use at home to reverse two years of hair damage. Ahead, we give you the full lowdown on how to use these formulations from the comfort of your room.

Step 1: Lather up the shampoo

Easily the most-used product in your haircare routine, it’s essential that you cop a shampoo that aligns with your goals and concerns. This molecular range formulation not only lathers up to make your strands appear shiny on washday, but also repairs them from within, targeting the internal concerns.

Apply a small amount on wet hair and emulsify on the roots, lengths and ends.

In case you’re hopping in to a L’Oreal salon to get the in-salon treatment, this step is preceded by a pre-treatment that is sprayed on wet hair first.

Step 2: Use the rinse-off serum

We all know that hair serums have gained favour with beauty enthusisats the world over—and for good reason. Take about eight pumps of the molecular range serum and apply it on wet hair from length to ends after shampooing. Then, rinse it thoroughly to move to the next step.

Step 3: Apply a leave-in mask

Leave-in hair masks offer the benefits of a conditioner, but go one step beyond by ensuring deeper hydration and nourishment—given that they’re left on for longer. On towel-fried hair, apply four pumps of the molecular range leave-in mask. Skip rinsing for an intensified treatment and moisture all day long.

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