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5 hair serums nix frizz in seconds (seriously!)

Megha Sharma
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5 hair serums nix frizz in seconds (seriously!)
5 hair serums nix frizz in seconds (seriously!)

It often feels like our hair has a mind of its own. One that constantly rebels against all efforts for any signs of nourishment—whether it's having a shiny mane or simply keeping frizz at bay. It's a concern that we all hear our peers talk about, or try to tackle ourselves. While regular hair oiling is one way to remedy this, hair serums have proven to be quite efficient, too. And to help you zero in on the right one, we've rounded up five that are all worth investing in, and are tailored for dry and frizzy hair.

Milk Shake 12 Effects Incredible Milk

For those grappling with split ends, frizz or dull locks, the Milk Shake 12 Effects Incredible Milk is a great addition to your haircare arsenal. Saturated with vitamin A, this repairing serum not only offers a temporary fix, but also fortifies your mane from within. It treats dehydrated strands, tames frizz and leaves your hair shinier. With key ingredients like glycolic fruit extract and milk protein, this is an undisputable ally in your kit.

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Truefitt & Hill Freshman Friction Hair Serum

With glycerin and citronellol as its hero ingredients, this Truefitt & Hill serum deeply conditions dry, lacklustre hair. Its antibacterial properties prevent infections on an itchy or flaky scalp and a mild, soothing scent calms the senses. Just start with a small amount and work it through damp hair, using your fingertips.

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KT Professional Kehairtherapy Pure Organic Argan Oil Serum

Argan oil has long been known to treat dry scalp. But if oiling your hair hasn’t made it to the to-do yet, this haircare buy will do the trick. Apart from hydrating your mane, this serum also strengthens and nourishes it. What’s more, it prevents breakage and provides shine, with vitamin E as one of its primary ingredients.

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Kleral Senjal Fluid Silk

This Senjal Fluid Silk hair serum is a multivitamin formulation from an Italian family-founded brand. It treats brittle, dry and damaged locks, nourishing them instantly. While it’s definitely a last-minute hack before you head out for the day, it also helps restore the natural moisture of your hair for the longer run. It has citric acid that helps lower the pH in your shampoo; and limonene that acts as an an antioxidant, giving your hair a smooth and shiny look.

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Biotop Professional 007 Repair Keratin Serum

This lightweight serum is infused with keratin and chamomile to combat frizz, split ends and dehydrated strands. Spray two to three pumps into your palms and massage the product throughout your wet hair. In case your hair is dry, take just a small amount for midshaft to the ends. This Biotop Professional formulation also protects your hair from harmful UV rays, making it an ideal addition to your AM routine.

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