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A guide to the everything shower: Date-night edition
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A guide to the everything shower: Date-night edition

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A guide to the everything shower: Date-night edition

Few things can rival the anticipation and excitement of a date night. Whether it's a first date or a cherished routine with a long-time partner, the moments leading up to the evening can set the tone for an unforgettable experience. Enter the "everything shower" – a comprehensive and indulgent pre-date ritual designed to leave you feeling refreshed, confident, and ready for whatever the night may hold.

This isn't just your typical rinse-and-repeat affair. The everything shower is a curated process that goes beyond the basics of personal hygiene. It's a holistic approach to self-care that takes into account not only your physical well-being but also your mental and emotional state. From skincare regimens to grooming and wellness rituals, here’s how to ace the everything shower to get into some real main character energy before date night!

Prep Perfect
If you have makeup or sunscreen on, start by using a cleansing balm or oil to break down the makeup and remove it. Follow this up with your regular face wash and you should be good to go. Remember, ambience is important too, so don’t forget to light up your favourite candle and get a fun playlist in place before you get down to business.

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Mane matters
For that lustrous, glass hair effect, make sure you’re giving your hair plenty of hydration before you wash it. Apply a moisturizing hair mask or your favourite hair oil on to the lengths and leave it on for about 30 mins. You can use this time for some gentle dry brushing all over your body to exfoliate your skin and aid with lymphatic drainage.

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House of Beauty Dry Brush
Inde Wild Champi Hair Oil

Hop in!
Get started with your favourite shampoo — just emulsify some of it between your palms and apply onto the scalp. Once you’ve worked up a lather, rinse it off thoroughly, ensuring that you get all the oil or mask out. Next, apply a conditioner onto the lengths and tips of your hair, and let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes. If dry brushing isn’t really your thing, now is the time to use a body scrub to get glowing skin all over. Follow it up with your favourite body wash (bonus points if it smells great). Rinse with lukewarm water until the conditioner and shower gel have completely been washed out.

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Wella Professionals Invigo Nutrienrich Shampoo 250 ml & Conditioner 200 ml for dry & damaged hair
Mintree Certified Organic Melon Sugar Scrub For Exfoliates & Brightens Skin, Removes Tan
The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel

Finishing touches
Now that you’re almost done with the everything shower, it’s time for some finishing touches to seal all that nourishment in. On towel-dried hair, apply a leave-in conditioner to minimize frizz and tangles, then style your hair as usual. Apply a body lotion (or a body oil if you want that bronzed glow!) on damp skin to keep it soft and supple all day, and finish off with a body mist for a subtle scent that lingers.

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Love Beauty & Planet Natural Murumuru Butter And Rose Glow Body Lotion
Forest Essentials Iced Pomegranate & Kerala Lime Body Mist
Milk Shake Leave In Conditioner

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